Preparing Yourself For Your First Massage


Body massage in Chennai and other places in Tamil Nadu have become common due to increasing demand. Vellore being another busy place with many people from other states too has seen a rising demand for the same. Vellore massage parlour a too offers wide range of massage options to choose from. A massage involves the practitioner kneading your muscles or targeting pressure points. Massages may be received at spas, wellness centres or clinics. Massages for therapeutic procedures may be delivered at hospitals or rehabilitation centres. When speaking of massages in spas for relaxation and relieving stress there are many aspects to look at. If you are considering a massage for the first time, your head is sure to buzz with a lot of queries. While spas offer complete body massage, there are those that also offer head, foot and back massages too, if you want to target a specific part of your body. Here are a few points you might like to know to ease your doubts about massage therapy.

Making an appointment

Before the massage, or even when you fix your appointment talk to the practitioner about your concerns. Generally, before the intake process you will have to provide information about your health history including medical conditions, areas of concerns, level of pain on normal days and stressed out days, anything that relieves or aggravates the pain. You may also be required to sign forms that explain your right to privacy, consent and disclosure.

On the day of massage

Ensure that you arrive at a proper time clean and preferably after a shower. Some spas may even offer shower rooms. Avoid haste as massage procedures take time. Reschedule your appointment if you suffer fever, skin irritation or other medical conditions that may be affected by massage. At least 48 hours before and after your body massage, drink plenty of water to help the body detoxify. Do not eat at least an hour prior to your appointment and give yourself enough time to arrive and relax. Being stressed during the massage is going to render it ineffective.

The massage therapist will enquire about your health conditions prior to the massage to understand better. This is essential because massage affects almost all body systems even the cardiovascular and nervous systems. You need to be honest with the therapist about your health. The therapist may also need to be informed of any medicines that you are taking, because certain procedures can enhance or reduce the effect of the medication. A knowledgeable therapist will be able to apply the right massage procedure and avoid any that might lead to complications. The therapist will also try to understand your needs and goals to better design the session. Let the therapist know of any specific areas that you would want to concentrate more upon.


Dressing and privacy

If you are apprehensive about undressing, voice your concerns and they will be able to offer you some options to make you comfortable. While various body massage procedures require you to be dressed only modestly there are those procedures like Thai massage that allows you to keep your clothes on, as long as you are wearing loose clothes. There are spas that have private massage rooms and even those that will willingly place screens in between massage tables to keep you comfortable.

The therapist will provide you with a brief outline of the procedure and leave you to prepare yourself for the therapy. Once you are ready, lie down on the massage table and cover yourself with the sheet or drape laid out for you on the table. The therapist will knock before re-entering.

During the massage

Always remember that you are in charge. Make sure that you are comfortable and tell your therapist if you are cold, want to be covered or don’t want any area of your body to be touched. You can even ask them to change the music and tell them if some technique isn’t working well for you. A professional therapist will never expose your private areas; only the area the therapist is working on will be exposed. The massage may also be a combination of several techniques to include aromatherapy. You may state your preferences.

Reap benefit

In order for the massage to be effective, you need to get over your inhibitions and relax. Enjoy the music and aroma along with the way in which the therapist works on your muscles to relieve them, and as blood circulation improves, breathe deeply and rhythmically. Taking deep breath in itself is a great way to relax your entire body. Tightening your muscles will not help, if you find it difficult to relax, communicate with your therapist so that they may adjust their techniques to suit your comfort levels.

It is pretty normal to feel emotions during the massage. As you relax you may feel sadness, joy or exhaustion. The aroma or music may bring up memories. While it ok to talk during the massage, it would be best to stay quiet, enjoy the music and aroma and take in the massage therapy. You do not need to feel embarrassed about your body, remember the massage therapists are professionals and are non-judgemental about your physical stature or emotional trauma.

Post massage therapy

The therapist will leave the room so that you can dress in private. As you get off the massage table, do it slowly, you may feel light-headed. At the reception area, you may be offered a glass of water, which is a good idea to flush away metabolic waste. The entire experience will depend on the procedure and time taken. You may feel calm and renewed while you may even feel rejuvenated and excited. It would be best to allow some personal time after the massage to let it set in.

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